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How to Fix Norton Installation Error 8504

It is a flawless antivirus which is present in the technological world. It provides real-time scanning and internet security in such a way that no virus can break the security armor which it provides to the system of the customers. But, in many circumstances, users face errors in their antivirus because technical products are prone to the errors and glitches and they occur due to some permission errors and installation errors. Most commonly users face Norton Installation error 8504 which occurs due to either partial installation of the antivirus or failed installation of the product. It can also occur if you have installed some other security software other than Norton and it is creating compatibility issues. So it is important that you should delete all the previous security software in order to appropriately install and activate the antivirus otherwise you can also face Norton Activation Error on Mac. So if you also do not know how to Fix Norton Installation Error 8504 then you can follow the below mentioned steps to solve the error.

Steps to Fix Norton Installation Error 8504

  • Firstly, start your windows with the administrative rights and then you have to run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.

Fix Norton Error Code 8504

  • To do so, go to the official website of the application and then download the Remove and Reinstall tool and save the zip file on the desktop.

Fix Norton Error Code 8504

  • Now you have to open the “download” folder in your default browser and then press CTRL + J key and then double click on “NRnR icon”.
  • Now click on “I agree” on the license agreement window after reading it.

Fix Norton Error Code 8504

  • Then go to “advanced options” and click on “remove only” and confirm your action by again tapping on “remove” and then tap on “restart now”.

Fix Norton Error Code 8504

  • And now you have to follow the correct steps of the reinstallation of Norton on your device.

Fix Norton Error Code 8504

  • Make sure that no Symantec product is present on your system before you reinstall the antivirus or if there is any other security program in your system then also uninstall it first.

Fix Norton Error Code 8504

If you are still facing Norton error code 8504 in your computer while accessing the application then you should contact the technical experts to solve the problem and if you stuck in between the steps then do let us know about it so that your problem can be solved without any hassle.

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