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How To Uninstall McAfee Safe Connect Effective Steps

In general, Mcafee Safe Connect helps to secure the internet connection with a virtual private network. Also, it is your ticket to make sure your laptop is safe in all condition. Though this software comes with lots of advanced security feature, some issues can come up after some time. And such issues like software crashing or frequent hangs might lead you to uninstall McAfee safe connect. So, don’t worry if you are searching how to uninstall McAfee Safe Connect. Just go through the whole article to get some easy steps.

Uninstall McAfee Safe Connect: Reasons behind it

Generally, Safe Connect helps to encrypt all information and online activities on your device. That’s why hackers can’t track any information from your computer even when you are online. Though the Macfee Safe Connect provides some extra advantages to the user with a secure connection. Sometimes you might face some issue with it why you need to uninstall it. These are:

  • Software crashing
  • Sluggish performance of the PC
  • Frequent hangs
  • Compatibility issue with another software
  • Presence of another antivirus

How to Uninstall Mcafee Safe Connect Windows 10: Efficient Hacks

In order to uninstall McAfee Safe Connect, you need to go through the following steps. These vary for Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android device. Have a detailed look at all these:

For a Windows PC

You can easily uninstall McAfee safe connect from a Windows PC. Just follow the below instruction step by step.

  1. First of all, click on the Start menu from the bottom-left corner of your Windows desktop.
  2. Now, click on the Search option.
  3. Next, type Programs and Features on the search bar and tap on it.
  4. Once you see the Mcafee Safe Connect option, tap on it.
  5. Now, right-click on it.
  6. Lastly, tap on the Uninstall option and follow the pop-up instructions appearing on the screen.

For Mac Users

For Mac users, follow these steps to uninstall Safe Connect properly.

  1. First of all, click on the Go option from the Apple menu.
  2. Now, select ‘Applications’.
  3. Then, you will see Safe Connect from the list of apps. Just drag down that icon to the Trash.
  4. Write your account password and clean the trash folder by deleting all Safe Connect related files.

Delete Safe Connect From an Android Device

Before trying to uninstall the Safe Connect, you can see the Safe Connect option under the Device Administrator list. Firstly, remove it from the list. To do that, follow the easy steps:

  1. At first, go to the setting app.
  2. Then, tap on ‘Location & Security’.
  3. After that, select ‘Device Administrative’ and then unmark the Safe Connect option.

If you have removed safe Connect completely, then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings folder.
  2. Choose the Applications option.
  3. Then, click on Manage Applications.
  4. Select the Mcafee Safe Connect option.
  5. Last, tap on the Uninstall option to eliminate it.

For an iOS device

To uninstall the software from an iOS device, go through the steps given below:

  1. First of all, tap on the Mcafee Safe Connect app and hold it untill this icon starts wiggling.
  2. Then, press the X button from the top left of the app icon.
  3. Now, check that you deleted Mcafee safe connect or not. Then, tap on the Delete button.
  4. To stop the icons from jerking, tap the Home button. Next, tap on Done option to complete the process.

Hope that you can uninstall Safe Connect by applying any of the above processes. If you’re wondering how to remove McAfee Safe Connect, then follow the solutions mentioned above. If you have any more problems, then let us know. We are sure to guide you on how to uninstall Mcafee Safe Connect and help you out.

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